Emphasys Centre

Empasys Centre (Cyprus)

Emphasys Centre, established in 1998, runs an ICT Education and VET Centre approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, as well as an EU Research Centre. It is staffed with a well-rounded team that includes specialists in ICT, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Law, Economics, Business, Human Rights, Architecture and Graphic Design. 
Emphasys is organized in 4 directorates. The Education Directorate which includes validated and accredited IT courses (GCE A’ Level Computer Science,ECDL) and Career Counselling Services. The ICT Training Directorate which includes a fully equipped STEAM Learning Unit and the EU Training Unit, focusing on the provision of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses for EU professionals and citizens. 
The Research Directorate which works with several organisations on EU projects under a number of funds (e.g. Erasmus, AMIF, Justice) in the field of education and training. Finally, the Software Development Directorate which is involved in the design, development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various e-learning tools, platforms, websites, applications etc. Emphasys is a member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) along with 25 other organisations from Europe aiming to promote the digital agenda of Europe.
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